Mission Of Canadian Mustang Registry

The Canadian Mustang Registry is a national entity whose purpose is to create a national network for Ford Mustang owners to share their passion and love for all things Mustang. The Registry will have provincial chapters who will partner with regional Mustang Clubs to promote events for Mustang owners to enjoy their cars and their communities.

The Canadian Mustang Registry will solicit national and regional sponsors who can offer meaningful products and services to its registered members. The Registry will work alongside its sponsors to promote their products and services to its target audience within the Registry.

The Canadian Mustang Registry will use its financial resources to assist regional Mustang Clubs host events for their members as well as dedicating funds to regional, provincial and national charities.

VISION Of  Canadian Mustang Registry

The time was May, 2016, in Ontario Canada. It was then that I learned about running a Mustang club. I learned that the most important aspect of the club is to make sure everyone feels special, feels welcome and to bring together the group as a Mustang family.
For me it doesn’t matter what year, what engine size, what model or who is driving what. It is about meeting new people with the same passion for Mustangs

Finding the passion doesn’t equate to how much money you have or what model of Mustang you own. It is about the heart and understanding why we drive the most iconic car in the world.
It is about seeing the smiles, the laughter and talking about what modifications we have done to our cars. It is seeing everyone having fun at events, or just getting out for a quick drive. That, for me is what a Mustang Club is about. Just going out and having a good time, no matter where you go or who you are with.

I have managed some large events and some smaller ones, where the organizing has been both fun and chaotic. The time and energy spent has always been worth it in the end when I see everyone enjoying themselves and their cars.

The most memorable moment for me was the time I attended a local area club cruise and saw a young man and his girlfriend with a red 1999 Mustang. He was revving his V6 engine, smiling and having a great time. (We have become very good friends since).There were 2 guys nearby talking and saying things like “Look at that idiot with that POS Mustang” and “having a rust bucket like that” and “I am embarrassed to be around that”. I turned to them and said “is that what you see?  Really?” what I see is a guy enjoying his Mustang like the rest of us”. It was great to see him enjoying his car.

And that my friends is why I am here. To enjoy the camaraderie that a Mustang event brings to its members.

That is what true Mustang passion is all about. Where we can all have a good time together. Where no one cares about what power you have under the hood or how much money you have.

Now, three years later I want to do something for Mustang enthusiasts where they can come together under one registry to share their passion with other Mustang owners and with Mustang clubs all across Canada.

With this in mind, I have created the Canadian Mustang Registry (CMR).

Our main goal with the CMR is to give back to the clubs who help build this passion for the right reason and help raise funds for local club charities.

We will be working with Ford Dealers and other sponsors across Canada to offer CMR members and regional Mustang club affiliates direct savings on products and services along with helping us host some of the largest Mustang shows in Canada.

We also have intentions of hosting Track Days. These events are very expensive. Many clubs don’t have the financial means to host these and I know from experience how much money and resources are required. Our goal here is to work with local clubs and sponsors to build track day events along with show and shines that are affordable to members. We are going to dedicate ourselves to the highest quality events available.
Events are meant to bring more people together, and give the clubs the opportunity to have friendly competitions, ie: the Loudest Club Exhaust Competition, Best Club Display, just to name a few. These allow each club to display their brand and share their passion.

We are looking forward to giving back to the clubs through our available affiliate programs on a yearly basis, and partnering with clubs in each province, so we can support their charitable causes.

We are looking forward to partnering with many Mustang clubs through the CMR to bring out the passion in all Mustang owners in Canada, and

Bringing Mustang Owners & Mustang Club Doing Mustang Things through the largest mustang gatherings.